What are Clans? Edit

Clans are in-game organizations that you can either create yourself, or join. You must be part of a Clan in order to join Ranked Battles (put hyperlink to ranked battles document). Each clan may have up to 8 members, with a minimum of 3 members being necessary to participate in clan fights (i.e. Ranked Battles).

How does the Clan feature work?Edit

A minimum of 300 credits is necessary to create or join a

clan. Once you’ve reached 300 credits, the clan feature will be unlocked and you may open the clan interface.
As you can see, there is a list of clans available, a search box and a ‘Create a Clan’ button. Firstly, let’s run through how to join a clan. 

Joining a Clan Edit

If you tap on a clan with vacancies, you will see a ‘Join’ button in the bottom left corner.
Clan 2
Clans can be either public (open), or invitation/approval only. The credit requirement may also vary between 300 and 3600. If you meet the credit requirement, the ‘Join’ button will glow, and you will be able to join the clan. If you do not meet the credit requirement, this button will appear dulled out and will not allow you to join the clan if tapped.

Creating a Clan Edit

To create a clan, click the ‘Create a Clan’ button that we mentioned earlier. Once you see click this page it will take you to a screen which will require several things from you. This will cost you either 60 diamonds or 600 coins so that there isnt an uproar in the amount of clans in the game.
Clan 3
Clan Icon: This can either be a picture saved on your device, or you can take a new picture

Clan Name: Choose a name you think best suits your clan! (8 character limit)

Clan info: Write a brief description about your clan. This can be whatever you like - what kind of players you’re looking for, what your clan represents, what kind of times you like to play. It’s up to you! (40 character limit)

Membership: You can choose whether your clan will be open to the public or whether players have to be invited/approved to enter the clan

Member Credit Requirement: The minimum requirement to join any clan is 300. You can choose a minimum credit requirement between 300 and 3600 for new members that join. This is helpful for ensuring your clan members have the amount of experience playing Ace of Arenas that you’d like.

Once you’ve uploaded your Clan icon and decided on the details, create your clan and you’re good to go!

Ranking Edit

Clan ranking can only be earned by successfully winning a Ranked Battle match with two clanmates. Unlike credit for individual players, you will not receive any credit in the case of a loss. There is no limit on the number of daily Ranked Battles your clan may enter. 

Clan Hierarchy Edit

Each clan is made up of a minimum of 1 and maximum of 8 members. Every clan will have a Clan Leader, who in turn may promote 2 Clan Officers.

Clan officers have the power to remove members should they see fit in order to make room for higher tier members.