Description Edit

The Empire's Admiral, Constantine, is whole-heartedly committed to the ocean: the vast, marvelous ocean that holds both unparalleled charm and unspeakable evil. One day, upon learning about an ancient civilization filled with power and treasure, a hunger for both was ignited deep in his soul. After a long search, he finally found the ancient kingdom, and there he discovered an ornate blade--a relic of a history long since forgotten. Upon discovering that the blade allowed him to command the waters, Constantine's lust for power filled his very being. He is now determined to control the entire ocean by whatever means necessary. Dog

Skills Edit


Leader Edit

Increases attack speed of ally champions nearby.


Torrent Edit

Summons a rising torrent. After 2 seconds, it hurls enemy units in the area into the air, stunning, dealing damage and slowing them.

Tidal Sword

Tidal Sword Edit

The captain raises his legendary sword, stunning nearby enemy units for 1 second and granting increased damage. The next normal attack causes area damage.

Ghost Warship

Ghost Warship Edit

Summons a ghostly warship that sails across the battlefield, damaging and stunning all enemies in its path. Allied champions in its path gain bonus movement speed and take reduced damage.