What are they for? Edit

The main purpose of gems is to maximize the starting power of your champions. In the initial stages of the game, the attributes that gems provide your champion can be the difference between dominating and being dominated.

There are two major methods of acquiring gems: purchasing them in the store, or winning them from chests. Aside from chests, the only way to acquire an Amethyst is to combine or reforge gems. We'll get into what Amethysts (and the other gems) are below.

Gem Page

Gem Types Edit

Gems consist of 4 categories (Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Amethysts), and 5 levels (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (weakest to strongest in order)).

The attributes each gem type offers differ slightly. Generally speaking, gems can be divided like so:

0101 Frame

Rubies: Used for increasing attack attributes.

0203 Frame2

Sapphires: Used for increasing defensive attributes.

0304 Frame

Emeralds: Used for increasing magical attributes.

0405 Frame2

Amethysts: The most powerful gems in each level, and they may increase any one of the attributes that the other gems offer. Additionally, they may provide three unique attributes that the other gems do not offer: movement & attack speed, life drain and spell vamp.

How to use Gems Edit

Gems are used by equipping them to a Gem Page. You can equip a total of 10 gems at any one time. Gem Pages have 3 slots each for Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies, but only 1 for Amethysts.

Which gems you use is up to you. What is your style of play? Which champions do you favor? Make sure the gems you select enhance your champion and style of play.

Upgrading Gems Edit

You can combine 5 gems of the same level to create one superior gem. But the attribute of the new gem is random. If you are not happy with the gem you receive, you can spend diamonds to reforge the gem, after which you will receive a different gem with random attributes.

Gem Reforge