Description Edit

Minaya and her loyal white tiger companion are guardians of the forest. When the silver moon hangs in the sky, she likes to chant ancient melodies in the moonlight. Rumor has it she came from the ruins of an ancient elf city that lies deep in the forest south of the Taren Empire's borders. Clad in pure white and riding her magnificent tiger, she is said to be able to call the stars down from the heavens, but catching even a glimpse of this elusive creature is easier said than done.

Skills Edit


Lunar Mark Edit

Minaya's normal attacks mark her enemy, reducing armor and magic resist. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Minaya can mark only one target at a time.

Astral Fall

Astral Fall Edit

Calls down a wave of meteors, causing damage to nearby enemy units within 6 ranges. One random enemy unit within 2 ranges will take a second hit that deals true damage.

Moonlight Shot

Moonlight Shot Edit

Minaya fires a single powerful shot which damages and stuns the first enemy it hits. Stun duration increases the further the arrow travels.

Dance of Ecstasy

Dance of Ecstasy Edit

Minaya leaps forward into battle, greatly inspiring her allies. Ally units near where she lands gain bonus armor, attack speed and movement speed for 10 seconds.

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