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As the leader of the Children of Liberty, Saka leads his army to defend the Taren Empire against Apollonian invaders. He's won many hard-fought battles, the most famous of which is the battle for Saroo Basin. During that battle, Saka happened upon a magic circle from an ancient civilization, and became one of the earliest warriors able to invoke ancient magic. Saka is able to summon the earth to do his bidding and attack enemies at will.

Skills Edit


Imperial Glory Edit

Saka's initial normal attack against a target deals bonus magic damage equal to 6/8/10% of the target's current health. This effect cannot occur again on the same target for 6 seconds.


Dragon Clash Edit

Saka hurls his lance forward, damaging enemies in its path and decreasing their armor for 3 seconds. If Deadly Standard is active and the lance reaches the banner, Saka pulls himself to the banner, damaging enemies in his path and knocking them into the air. Resets the cooldown of Deadly Standard.


Deadly Standard Edit

Passive: Increases attack speed by 10% and armor by 10. Active: Saka places his banner nearby, dealing area damage. The banner grants bonus attack speed and armor while slowing enemy units. Reactivate to pull Saka to his banner, slowing enemies in his path.


Circle of Destruction Edit

Saka heroically leaps into battle with a target, terraforming the surrounding area to create an arena that lasts 3.5 seconds and deals physical damage to enemy units nearby. Reactivate to collapse the terrain.

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