Talents are used to either increase attributes of champions or add passive effects. Talents are tied to particular champions, which means that activating a talent for one champion will only provide the effects of the talent for that champion.

Each champion within Ace of Arenas has their own talent tree. While many champions share common talents, no champions have exactly the same talent tree.

Talent Tree

There is a total of 5 different levels of talent, each with 3 different talents to choose from. Of the 3 talents on offer for each level, you may choose only one. When you choose a talent, your champion's star rating automatically increases. This will happen each time you acquire a new talent. If a champion has learned a 1st level talent, they will have 1 star; if they go on to learn a 2nd level talent, they will have 2 stars, and so on.

Teaching Champions Talents Edit

To acquire a new talent, you must spend talent stones. Talent stones can be acquired from Chests, as rewards from PvP matches, and as a daily login reward.